MARIO is simply our proud.

When we started to think about a new suede collection, we immediately decided to try with a plain nabuk, but with some technical features, such as: high stability, softness, cleanable and eco-friendly... So we made MARIO, the first item composing Microfiber Collection: plain, highly resistant, stain-removable, elegant and extra-soft. 

You can match it with all kinds of different textile products: it is perfect with natural fabrics or microfibers, deeply fashionable if joined with some velvets. 

You'll love MARIO. That's a promise.




POINT is one of the items composing Microfiber Collection. 

We wanted to create a modern and elegant pattern we could match to the plain item (which is Mario) with. So we thought to the classical pois, but not in an ordinary way. So we made POINT, which presents the same features of the other items composing Microfiber Collection, but with a nice and an easy to match texture. 

We studied several fashionable colours for this nabuk effect product, contact us for more information about POINT.




SAUVAGE was a big challenge for us.

We wanted to created some coordinates for the Microfiber Collection, something which could be natural and wild and animalistic. That's how we gave birth to SAUVAGE, the most exotic and wild item of the Microfiber Collection. 




AIR is magical.

Air is a new entry in the Microfiber Collection, with a metropolitan look and the characteristic gentle touch of this item. 

It is perfect for multiple usages, from furnishings and interior design to fashion to the automotive industry.




Tiffany means perfection.

Elegance, softness, cleanable.

That's Tiffany, our eco-friendly nabuk effect composing the Microfiber Collection. 

It is available in many different colors, with its certificate of authenticity. 

Welcome to the Italian Style.